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The process of Selling or Buying a property could be one of the most important steps in your life.For Sale

To get the most out of your property is a work - intensive process and there is much more involved than just putting up a sign and placing an ad.

Analysing your property using specific databases and programs, getting your property 'ready', analysing the legal aspects in the fore field to prevent surprises, that is just the 'start' of an ongoing process which is absolutely necessary in today's market.

We will give you an accurate and honest price indication of what your property might be worth in the current market. We do not condone over pricing or giving you false hope. It is our job to get the best possible outcome for you. You will be surprised.

Be aware that this technique can be used by some agents elsewhere to get your business.  This often leads to disappointment when they come back a few weeks later with a suggestion that your price is too high.  

To get a first Impression of what your Property might be worth, we offer a free Appraisal.

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